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What I'm Reading
  • The Sex Myth: The Gap Between Our Fantasies and Reality
    The Sex Myth: The Gap Between Our Fantasies and Reality
    by Rachel Hills
  • The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life's Perfection
    The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life's Perfection
    by Michael A. Singer

Sexuality Speaker & Sexual Health Speaker

Thank you again for coming to USC and hosting Project Condom. You did a fantastic job hosting the event and adding in your professional expertise about sexual health. I feel like the students walked away from this year's event learning more about sexual health than they ever had in the past!" ~E.B., Program Advisor, University of South Carolina

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For an inspiring and educational lecture on sexual health, gender norms, relationship communication, building healthy intimacy, body image, erotic play, mindfulness, or female sexual empowerment, please contact DR. JENN and bring her to YOUR campus or organization. All presentations are interactive, culturally-sensitive, and custom-designed to be positive, thought-provoking, engaging, and fun!

View Dr. Jenn's TEDx Talk on Sex, Mindfulness, & Sexual Empowerment.

"Absolutely brilliant talk. I just tweeted it!" ~M.S., Spiritual Sexuality Educator

Students or participants will learn to:

  • Make healthier decisions
  • Create balanced relationships
  • Be comfortable with their bodies
  • Challenge assumptions & myths around sex and sexuality
  • Learn the power of self-expression and speaking their truth
  • Have greater comfort and courage to discuss difficult topics

Fantastic choice for Women's Conferences, Love Your Body Day, Women's History Month, STD/STI/HIV Awareness Week, Body-Image Awareness, or any time you want an educational & entertaining speaker.

Although I have been working with sexual health related things for a few years now, I found this workshop highly useful and refreshing! We need good sex educators, such as Dr. Jenn, that can rise above all myths and incorrect stories about sex." ~K.A., Lund University, Sweden, Student Sex Educator

Suggested Topics:

  • Love My Body - How Do I Do That?
  • How a "Good Girl" Became a Sex Therapist
  • Sexual Health in the 21st Century
  • Erotic Play: Making Intimacy Fun & Sexy
  • Your Sex Questions Answered
  • Mythbusting Sex!
  • 7 Habits of Healthy Relationships
  • Mindfulness is the New Sexy

Thank you again for coming and making the event fun and informative! Students have been coming up to me and specifically telling me how awesome you are. We are very lucky to have you as an ally." ~M.B., Cal State San Marcos Student Campus Organizer

Dr. Jenn has the unique ability to make serious and uncomfortable topics not only safe and accessible, but fun and empowering. As San Diego CityBeat reporter, KINSEE MORLAN, wrote, "Dr. Jenn laughs a meaty laugh that should be bottled—it’s that good and contagious...."

Contact Dr. Jenn HERE.

Thank you for coming! Everyone's been raving about you." ~C.S., San Diego State University Student

Descriptions of Some Workshops:

Love My Body – How Do I Do That? We hear the message “Love Your Body,” but what does that really mean and how can we do that? Body image is a very complicated topic to address. This interactive lecture explores media depictions of bodies and the consumer culture around that, as well as gender socialization, components of body-image, what we can do to support each other. Dr. Jenn teaches practical skills to build a strong foundation for self-love physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. The focus is on women’s bodies, but the messages and skills are relevant to all.

How a "Good Girl" Became a Sex Therapist. Girls and young women receive many conflicting messages: Be a good girl. Boys will only like you if you put out. Show off your body to get attention and worth. Don't be a slut. It can be difficult for young women to negotiate what they do and don't want, and to be able to voice that in a healthy way. This interactive lecture delves into the power that young women have and how they can make choices that honor their bodies, health, feelings, and future. Dr. Jenn leads the audience through her personal life story and weaves in three key life lessons for happiness, sexual awareness, and personal growth. Participants will leave feeling validated, entertained, and empowered.

Sexual Health in the 21st Century. What does it mean to live a sexually healthy life? This interactive lecture delves into the physical aspects of STDs/STIs and what is most important to know about symptoms. Then the program explores the “bigger picture” around sex and sexuality, including the varied reasons why people have sex, fears around sex, emotional factors, gender learnings, and sexual fun facts to keep things light and fun! Way beyond the physical aspects of sexual health, this lecture explores the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual components that get to the heart of sexual health.

Erotic Play: Making Intimacy Fun & Sexy. Exploring our erotic sides requires being creative, authentic, and open to intimacy. This lecture brings this playful and creative perspective to eroticism and engages students to think outside the box. Topics covered include using the senses in play, sex toys and lubricants, safety, mental stimulation, emotional releasing, and mindful presence. A fun, lively, and memorable discussion!

Your Sex Questions Answered. In a culture of discomfort with honest discussions around sex, and a predilection for abstinence-only education in high schools, there are many myths and misconceptions for college students around sex, gender differences, and body parts and functions. This lecture is an open discussion where basic misconceptions will be addressed and then participants can anonymously submit questions and have their personal questions and concerns addressed.

Mythbusting Sex! Sex is a complicated, taboo, and titillating topic, and because of its complexity, there are many myths that pass as truths. These myths create unrealistic expectations, or worse yet, leave students unprepared for the realities of sex. This presentation is serious mythbusting with a lot of humor thrown in. Dr. Jenn dispels the top 7 myths around sex.

7 Habits of Healthy Relationships. Creating and maintaining a healthy and lasting relationship can take hard work. However, this hard work doesn't have to be painful! Dr. Jenn discusses seven keys to creating or maintaining a thriving relationship, shares insights from her counseling practice, and offers tips to immediately put into play. This is not your usual list of relationship tips!

Mindfulness is the New Sexy. In definition, mindfulness sounds simple - be present in the moment and aware without judgment. However, in practice this can be a difficult skill to develop. The benefits, however, are endless! Dr. Jenn leads the audience through a new experience of mindfulness and their senses, and increases awareness about the power of this simple practice. Mindfulness is the key to changing harmful patterns, improving self-esteem, being present with an intimate partner, enjoying pleasure, and experiencing joy in everyday moments. This lecture not only improves sexual interactions, it improves lives overall!

Thank you so much for joining our group last night!  You truly have a gift and passion for this work!  I felt so empowered by what I learned through our fun and easy conversation last night and am so thankful for the time you shared with us!" ~B.H., Fundraiser


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