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What I'm Reading
  • The Sex Myth: The Gap Between Our Fantasies and Reality
    The Sex Myth: The Gap Between Our Fantasies and Reality
    by Rachel Hills
  • The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life's Perfection
    The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life's Perfection
    by Michael A. Singer

Testimonials from Teaching/Lectures/Workshops

San Diego Sexologist(Scroll down for Testimonials from Coaching/Counseling)

I would like to thank you for hosting your workshop.

I had an AMAZING time learning more about my sexuality. You were great in answering my questions, and you made the overall experience fun and comfortable for all of my friends. I even made a new friend in your workshop! What I got out of this experiences is that I can be open-minded when it comes to sex and that I should never be afraid to talk to people about it as well. So once again, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I still have a lot more to learn, but you have helped me take the first step to finding what a healthy sexuality is all about.
J.S., Holy Names University Student

Thank you so much for joining our group last night!

You truly have a gift and passion for this work! I felt so empowered by what I learned through our fun and easy conversation last night and am so thankful for the time you shared with us!
B.H., Fundraiser

Thank you again...

...for coming and making the event fun and informative! Students have been coming up to me and specifically telling me how awesome you are. We feel very lucky to have you as an ally :)
~M.R., Cal State San Marcos Student, Campus Organizer

What a fabulous talk Dr. Jenn!

It stimulated (no pun intended) ;-) a lot of conversation between the attendees during and after your talk. Thanks so much for the great information!
~B.A., Media Consultant

Dr. Jenn! Great Job!

I really enjoyed the discussion last night. You sensed the audience comfort level very well and went with the flow, and you controlled the space with such a positive and welcoming energy. You exude confidence, intelligence and wisdom. Personally, my consciousness has expanded through your knowledge and from others' sharing their experiences and point of view.
~Y.I., Business Consultant

Your professionalism, knowledge and charisma...

...really impressed me! You have such an approachable and heartwarming personality; you've definitely chosen the right career to be in! I had such an enjoyable evening!
~ L.W., Joyologist

Great workshop!

Loved it! Every woman should take this workshop!
~ D.L., Business Analyst

[My friend] and I thought it was awesome!

We couldn't stop talking all the way home, and felt it gave us an opportunity to just really think about a lot of the subjects others brought up during the seminar. If there is a part 2, definitely let me know.
~ M.B., Mortgage Broker

Thank you, thank you so much for the time you spent with us last night.

I think it went really well. That was one of the best interactive groups we've had here....We appreciate it and we want to see you back....Your personality is just wonderful - I really enjoyed you. Thank you so much again.
~ R.R., Workshop Host

I loved the entire workshop.

My greatest A-Ha! moment was during the art making....I think it is going to take me several days to process everything. Thank you again.
~ B.O., Pilates and Yoga Instructor

I liked the laid back atmosphere best -

I felt completely comfortable and safe talking about a topic that is typically "taboo." I appreciated Jennifer sharing her own experiences - so easy to relate.
~ E.J., Massage Therapist

I liked the multi-media and exercises -

it was a facilitation, not a lecture. Really has women think/look and embrace sexuality!
~ J.W., Entrepreneur and Life Coach

Thank you.

It was a wonderful experience and very important for self-awareness and empowerment.
~ Anonymous

I liked how it addressed a variety of learning styles...

...(visual, auditory, kinesthetic), using a variety of methods: anecdotal was good; sharing with others and feeling validated and supported; and that it was action-oriented (asking us to write steps down)....I liked the lighthearted energy.
~ D.D., Educator and Activist

The workshop was clear, relevant, powerful – really creative!

~ J.D., High School Teacher

I liked the openness and honesty.

I’m a pretty reserved person. It was nice to be in a place where I could start to come out.
~ G.M., Environmental Engineer

Thank you for giving your learning.

Thank you for lending us your energy toward this topic.... I liked the leader's excitement and emphasis on pleasure.

Awesome job last night.

Thank you for the awareness you bring to the world.
~ L.S., Life Coach

This experience has changed me in a way that I never knew needed changing.

I can't possibly explain everything because there's so many things….I'm still going to be me, going to be a beautiful, strong woman. I actually feel more relaxed about myself (and the funny thing is, I didn't even realize I was so uptight about a lot of things). I did want you to know that this class, all the women I've met and YOU have touched my life. THANK YOU!
~ A.S., Student and Mother

When one really contemplates the importance of education in its purest sense –

the development of tools and enlightened thinking that will take a person to a place of empowerment and self-actualization, it becomes clear that this type of learning can only take place in an environment that is inspirational and risky and tolerant. This class was all of that (and more) and, most certainly, a worthy component of the type of learning that gives the soul wings.
~ G.O., Student and Mother

You are an amazing woman!

And I feel honored that I got to work with someone so talented and generous with her time, energy and heart. I hope some of it rubbed off onto me.
~ B.M., Television Producer/Editor

Dr. Jenn is a force to be reckoned with!

Her empowering style of teaching has literally brought many of today's feminists to the stage.
~ C.B., Student Activist

Jenn Gunsaullus is marvelous in empowering and mentoring students...

...as they develop self-confidence, public speaking skills, and professionalism.
~ L.P., Professor

Testimonials from Counseling & Coaching

I would not have been able to make such life progress without you.

~R.G., Software Engineer

I want you to know...

...how grateful I am that you are in my life and that I have you to go to. I trust you so much and really feel like I can be my true self with you. Since I have seen you, I have felt liberated and have been putting in the work. It is challenging but so worth it in the end I know.... I can not thank you enough for your guidance and all you do for me. I appreciate you so much.

~K.B., Childhood Specialist

This woman is life changing.

My wife and I came in with extremely complex and unique communication issues and marital challenges, and Dr. Jenn noticed them immediately. She is on point with every question and comment. My marriage is already changed and happier after only the initial session.

We were seeing another counselor but decided to cancel with him after seeing Dr. Jenn. Because she specialized on relationships, intimacy, and sex, I think she is keener on picking up subtle things. She also understands individual issues and feelings. Although I went in with my wife's issues in mind, I ended up learning much about myself and thinking about myself in a new way. Dr. Jenn doesn't neglect either spouse, and she knows how to pin down the appropriate causes and dynamics in a relationship.

Dr. Jenn is a good listener, can read people through a microscope, and does it while making you feel at ease. She understands which terminologies and what stigmas make people uncomfortable, and she breaks them down in a way that is easy to understand. She is able to take the best of both Western and Eastern philosophies and sciences and apply them holistically. I couldn't say better things about her. I haven't met anyone more knowledgeable about relationships than her. Nothing is taboo and nothing is off the table.

~J.H., Career Military

My husband and I LOVE Dr. Jenn.
We came to see her because we thought our intimacy SHOULD be different, better, more often... whatever, it wasn't good enough. By isolating the sex in our relationship we were putting pressure on each other. I love Dr. Jenn's peaceful holistic approach. With her help we were able to see, to our happy surprise, that we have a sweet loving dance or flow to our intimacy. We started to see our intimacy as a journey and explored new ways to be passionate. We discovered things we didn't know about ourselves, each other, and grew as a couple. Dr. Jenn helped us to reconnect, explore each other in a safe comfortable way, and to keep it flowin'. It's also exciting to be left with so many fun, lite, easy sensual ideas to use any time we want to nurture, or rekindle our sex life.

~D.L., Kids Party Entertainer

Dear Jenn, I feel incredibly grateful...
...for your guidance and undivided attention. It means the world to me. You have a gift. What a magnificent shift I am feeling in my own life and my relationship. Your guidance and tips have helped make this possible. THANK YOU!

~D.D., Environmental Educator

Dr. Jenn is the most...
...perceptive person I've ever met. Her ability to read people and really understand where they are coming from is second to no one. The changes made in my life as a result of working with Jenn have been profound and life altering. I see people everyday that I can't help but think, "Wow, they really need to work with Dr Jenn." Consider yourself lucky if you get the chance to work with this wonderful and talented person.

~F.M., Software Engineer

I want to thank you...
...for being here for me as I navigate this new relationship. I'm not sure things would be going as well as they are if you weren't coaching me with stuff right now. You are helping me stay grounded and work through my challenges and my insecurities and everything that is coming up for me...helping me in a healthy way that is empowering me and helping build a stronger foundation.

~M.B., Holistic Health Practitioner

At first I was very skeptical.

I had the impression that counseling was for those that couldn’t sort out their thoughts and emotions for themselves. I also wondered what it meant for us as a couple, did it mean we weren’t meant to be together, did it mean we were dysfunctional? I think I also was less receptive in the beginning as well, and it took a while to break down the barriers in myself, and to become more willing to accept what I was hearing. I think it was really helpful to have Dr. Jenn listen and give a different perspective. She was also great about adapting to our personalities and what would work for us, not just a formula from a book.

I always felt welcomed, but it took me a few sessions to feel comfortable. There was the lingering feeling that it would change and be like I feared, but that moment never happened. I learned a lot about my partner, things I never knew before. Dr. Jenn also helped us communicate in ways we had never thought of before. I learned that my assessment of who I was and what I thought was not as accurate as I thought. I learned how to open myself up, and I am much more self aware about my reactions and interactions with others. [I was surprised] how much Dr. Jenn helped us as people, in addition to just helping our relationship. I am a better person in many facets of my life, not to mention a better partner.

I absolutely would recommend Dr Jenn. Her kind ear and creative mind really can help everyone for any type of goal you may have to improve your life. I never felt pressured, and really felt like she put in the effort to personalize her actions to her clients. No matter what it is, I think Dr. Jenn can help you reach your goals.
~J.W., Engineer

I couldn't be more grateful...

...for all of your help and counseling! You have really helped me the last 6 weeks or so and I would recommend you to everyone and anyone - you rock! I feel like we are really starting to get to the root of things so I can make healthy changes in my life.
~S.L., Graduate student

I am forever grateful...
...for the compassion you have shown me and the strength you have helped give me.

~C.B., Property Manager

Once again, talking to you brought so much clarity to my life.
Thank you for being so great at being you.

~E.P., Massage Therapist

My husband contacted Dr. Jenn...
...with the hopes of opening our communication about the subject of intimacy and improving that entire area of our relationship. Even the thought of the word sex made me blush, cringe and giggle. Dr. Jenn gave us a really nice well-rounded approach...there was never a moment of discomfort or uneasiness. Dr. Jenn has an uncanny ability to read body language and emotions to know exactly what we needed. She taught us how to communicate with each other in all areas of our relationship, not just in the bedroom. After working with Dr. Jenn our love, friendship and intimacy has gotten to a place that we both adore and respect. Even the most stable and secure relationship can benefit from Dr. Jenn's calming presence and advice. She has truly taught us how to think out of the box and will continue to do so for many years to come.
~B.M., Therapist for Autistic Children

I have experienced amazing results in in my relationship...
...with my partner of 18 years after two meetings with Dr. Jenn. We are very grateful for her down to earth personality which immediately set us at ease with her and with each other! The homework has been results oriented and is building on the strengths of our relationship. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better it has. We are really really happy with our decision to work with Jenn and would highly recommend her to anyone.
~B.G., Massage Therapist & Holistic Health Practitioner

Jennifer Gunsaullus is an inspiration to the field.
When I first met with Jennifer, I was a little apprehensive about discussing some very personal information about my life, but within the first few moments of our conversation, I felt completely relaxed and was surprised how easy it was to open up. Jennifer is very supportive, friendly and intuitive. I immediately felt that she cared about what I was saying. She asked pertinent questions that made me think more deeply about past issues, giving me tools to be mindful of recurring patterns and how to move forward with new insight. Jennifer is dynamic, energetic, knowledgeable and compassionate in her approach to counseling. I highly recommend Jennifer to everyone. Her sessions are painless, worthwhile, insightful, and best of all - helpful!
~C.W., Administrator

Dr. Jenn - it's amazing how quickly...
...your work with us turned things around at our house. Your empathetic listening and practical thinking made big things that were torturing our relationship into little summer squalls that we could easily deal with. Peace.
~J.R., Writer

I first met Jennifer Gunsaullus...

...at my wife's suggestion. Initially, I was leary about discussing details of my personal life with a complete stranger....Jenn quickly make me feel comfortable enough to begin sharing my thoughts. Because my wife and I have seen more than one family counselor over our 35 year relationship I anticipated that the meeting would turn into another "bashing" session. Quite the contrary. Thanks to Dr. Jenn's leadership, our meeting and all subsequent meetings developed into something I looked forward to. Her people skills along with her knowledge of counseling led us to a more positive space and helped me to gain more understanding of the family dynamic. Her insights into and analysis of our comments as well as her patience and understanding were, to me, remarkable. I greatly appreciate her help and guidance, and I would strongly recommend her practice to anyone with questions regarding their family circle. Thank you Jennifer for everything.
~D.W., Musician